Ralicus Sodin

An Elf-Dryad with a keen eye and mystic powers. He is the Messenger of Morqual, protector of nature. He is a warrior sworn to protect the harmony between life and death.


Race: Elf-Dryad
Sex: Male
Class: Ranger
Level: 11
Chosen Path: Messenger of Morqual
Epic Destiny:
HP: 47
Mp: 70
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 20
Wisdom: 18
Constitution: 6
Charisma: 7
Luck: 7
Born Skills
Keen Eye: +5 to sight rolls.
God Benefit
Plant Speak
Weapon Skills
Short Blades
Advanced Tracking

Hide Tracks

Explosive Arrow: 3X3 space Damage: Third Wisdom modifier Cost: 4 MP.

Steady Foot: First Dex modifier added to damage when staying still.

Cold Arrow: -X AP where X= 1/10 Wisdom Score Cost: 5 MP. DOES NOT STACK UNLESS DUAL IMBUED.

Deadly Agility: Third Dexterity modifier is applied towards bonus damage instead of Strength’s.

Aggressive Shot: Forces enemy to attack Ralicus for one turn, overrides all others MP Cost: 3

Careful Aim: +5 to Accuracy Rolls.

Plant Control

Roots: Free Action, gain resistance to knockback/knockdown. Roots to the ground, unable to unroot for one turn. While rooted Ralicus can spend 1 AP a turn to gain back HP and Mp equal to his Constitution and Wisdom respectively. Cannot move while rooted.

It’s Over 9,000!!!: Cost: Max AP, 10 MP. Roll 1D6 to decide the number of turns the transformation will last, the turn timer does not begin until the beginning of his next turn. Takes a full turn to change, while changing, Ralicus cannot dodge, move, collaborate, etc. At beginning of next turn Ralicus becomes a full Dryad. He gains 2X his current movement speed and double his damage bonus. In this form he is immune to earth damage, but takes twice as much damage from fire.
Partial Plant
Basic Dodge
Dual Shot
Reading: Common, Elven
Dual-Wield Projectiles


Ralicus Sodin

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