Pythia is a vast world larger and more diverse than earth. It has many regions and powerful factions that are divided by grueling terrain and beastly creatures. Its history is intertwined with mythology and legend and much of what is commonly held to be history is greatly disputed.

An Uncertain Genesis

There are two major theories that attempt to explain the creation of the world and all that inhabit it. One is more commonly held and generally accepted the other is largely only believed amongst worshipers of the Sea Mother and Fishfolk.

  1. The first states that Pythia was originally nothing but water and darkness, ruled by one god whose name has been forgotten in the passing of time. Today this ancient god is only referred to as the the Forgotten Father. This god, after feeling an intense pain in his stomach, vomited up the sun, moon, stars, the Fishfolk, and the rest of the cosmos. The heat and light from the sun evaporated the water covering Pythia, creating clouds, and after time, dry land emerged from the water. The Forgotten Father vomited once more. Many things were contained in this second vomiting including the first sentient beings, animals, and plants. These sentient beings became known as his children and they served the Forgotten Father. They also created beings in their likeness, the first races, and worked to become more powerful than their siblings. During this time, only the Forgotten Father was worshiped by all of the races and he was revered as the greatest creator of all. Over millions of years his children began to grow so strong that in some areas they were worshiped along side their father. He began to worry about his children’s power and, as different groups and races sided with his different children, he began to worry about the cleavages that developed across Pythia. The years passed and eventually the different races and creatures of Pythia began to kill each other under the names of his different children. While some of his children taught their followers to seek peace others taught them to seek war and wanted to unseat their father. The Forgotten Father decided he was going to imprison his children in order to return peace to Pythia, but his children had grown far too strong. Instead his children bound together and waged war against their father. Together they imprisoned their father and were able to restrain his powers. After his imprisonment, his children became the gods and goddesses worshiped across Pythia.
  2. The other states that Pythia was originally nothing but water and darkness, ruled by two gods, the Forgotten Father and the Sea Mother. The Sea Mother was the wife of the Forgotten Father and all of creation came from her womb, thus making her the mother and he the father to all. After creating Pythia, the heavens, all non-sentient life and many other things the couple realized that they needed a race of intellgent creatures to rule over all of existence. Together they created a perfect race, the Fishfolk, in order for there to be a people to rule all of Pythia. All other races descended from the Fishfolk, and are but impure forms of the master race. They also had many children to act as their servants in the heavens, forming the other deities. Time passed and the children grew jealous of the power of their parents. They sought to imprison both of them and take control of the heavens. The Forgotten Father and the Sea Mother realized what their children were plotting and attempted to stop them. Their children had grown far too strong though. Instead their children bound together and waged war against their parents. Together they were able to imprison their father and were able to restrain his powers. On the other hand their mother ran to the sea and the Fishfolk helped to protect her from her children. Slowly she lost much of her great power hiding in her undersea palace. Eventually her children stopped seeing her as a threat and left her to rule over the Fishfolk. Thus their children became the gods and goddesses worshiped across Pythia.

The Rise of an Empire

During the years following the imprisonment of the Forgotten Father, the Fishfolk developed an empire that ruled over all of Pythia’s seas and waterways. Eventually they formed one of the most advanced and powerful empires and it expanded to influence coasts and inland territories. During this time they ruled almost all of Pythia. The other races were still very basic and many had yet to even develop language. Those races that were more developed were enslaved and the Fishfolk worked to empower the Sea Mother and free the Forgotten Father from his heavenly prison.

The Decent of an Empire

As the years wore on the Fishfolk’s hold over their empire grew weak and so did the influence and power of their goddess. The other deities despised the Fishfolk and their worship of the the Sea Mother. They worked to weaken both the Fishfolk and their goddess, and they succeeded. Time went by and the mighty Empire sunk back into the sea and the other races slowly began to develop their own societies and cultures.

The Rise of Diversity

After the Fishfolk Empire retreated to the seas other races were able to begin to dominate the land. Slowly these other races grew powerful and built cities that rivaled those that the Fishfolk once built.


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