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While there are thousands of deities, the ones listed below are the most commonly worshiped. More about religion in Pythia can be found here.

Major Deities:

  • Andossis (Ann-Dough-Sis) The Author of Wickedness, She Who Never Sleeps, The Bride of Sin
  • Anira (Ah-Near-Ah) The Sublime Creator, The Springmadien, The Winsome Rose
  • Canopsu (Can-Op-Sue) The Honorable Pyromancer, The Pulse of Justice, The Cornerstone of Society
  • Dijin (Dye-Gin) The Hideous Assassin, The Herald of the Age of Plague, The Groom of Sin
  • Dismatu (Diss-Mah-Too) The Dark Taker, The Lady of Fate, The Whispered One
  • Goney (Gone-Ee) The Merchant’s Friend, The Master of Metal, The Adept Jester
  • Horic (Whore-Ick) The Eternal Scribe, He of the Third Eye, The Sentinel of Magic
  • Morqual (More-Quall)The Forest Specter, He Who Walks with Beasts, The Great Balanced One
  • Oldor (Ole-Door) The Soul Forger, The Lord of the Twin Pickaxes, The Unmoving Stone of War
  • Pekko (Peck-Co) Father Laughter, The Dreamwalking Drunk, The Herald of Fortune
  • The Sea Mother The Drowntress, The Forgotten Mother, She Who Dances with Lobsters
  • Vodusk (Voe-Dusk) He Who Baths in Battle, The Brawler, The Perpetual Hunter
  • Yacha (Ya-Cha) The Dweller on the Horizon, The Ancestral Mother, She Who Revels in Change and Embraces the Storm

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