Officially known as the Republic of Killarney, or its nickname Two River’s Merge, it was once the largest human city in Agartha. Killarney was founded when banished members of Clar’s royal family, and their sympathizers, fled from the Tidewalk Archipelago to the Moorland. They found a spot that was at the mouth of two rivers , the Zehem River which stretches from Ankher and the Radish River which stretches from Lasrok and founded a settlement there. It grew rapidly and a royal line developed; which soon became the established royal family of not just the city but all of the Moorland. After the Orisch invasion the royal family and all of its decadents were killed. The Great Uniting War freed the city from its Orc overlords but changed it forever. Following the war Killarney became the seat of the Congress of Diplomats making it the political center for all of Agartha. The city also began a massive reconstruction project and elected General Kensinki to the newly created position of the Republican Overseer. This reconstruction effort allowed Killarney to regain its reputation for stunning architecture; including The massive stone arena which attracts individuals from all over Agartha and the Killarney Lighthouse. The arena, used for recreation (gladiatorial battles, racing, jousting, sporting events, etc.), helps to generate funds for the city because the gambling halls of the arena are ran by the city. The Killarney Lighthouse, is another famous feature of the city and it shines brightly over harbor thus earning it the name of the Light Kept Bay. Killarney has no official districts but many people refer to different regions of the city by the races that live there or by the trades that those in that district practice. Of significant note is the Halfling District, which was founded by Hero a lord and hero of Agartha. This district includes a statue of Yacha that is rumored to be carved in the likeness of one Hero’s lovers. Hero disappeared but the district remains a safe haven for halflings and is the center of commerce in Killarney. Two days north of Killarney also sits the site of the Rising Sun Monastery dedicated to Canopsu by the hero Grandvar. There knights are trained in the Order of the Rising Sun, who take it upon themselves to fight for Canopsu and seek out/protect his most sacred relics. While devoted very heavily to Canopsu the order is tolerant of those who pay homage to the other deities of Pythia, and even have a small section of tress planted as a reminder of the importance of nature and and to honor the god Morqual.


Governance System: While the city was once a Monarchy, it is now ruled by the Republican Overseer who is both charged with ruling over the city but also with ruling over and maintaining any policies and bureaucracy developed by the The Congress of Diplomats.

Current Republican Overseer: General Kensinki (human, male)


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