Once an isolated island city that relied primarily on fishing Clar has become a hub of commerce and politics in the Tidewalk Archipelago. Affixed on the famous Whitehill Island, Clar has made great use of Conch Bay to develop a vibrant harbor community. The city is divided into 6 representative districts which include the Fishing District, the Merchant District, the Ship District, the Temple District, the Noble District, and the Garden District. Whitehill Island has steep cliffs that surround its outer side and the inner side gently slopes down to meet Conch Bay. Clar is noted for the many small canals that run across the city in its lower districts(Fishing, Ship, Merchant) and its slow slope to the upper districts (Temple, Noble, and Garden) that are located on the top cliffs of the island. The canals allow for the easy movement of goods and people around the lower districts (and there are many small draw bridges that make traversing the lower districts both by boat and by foot much easier) and the upper cliffs allow the Castle of Clar to be in a greatly defensive position. The Island has a general crescent shape with only a small opening allowing entrance into Conch Bay. This also aids in its naturally defensive position. Conch Bay is known for the many conch snails that live in it and the city once relied on conch pearls as currency. Today Clar uses gold as its currency but conch pearls still remain highly valued and the conch shell remains a symbol for the city and the island. Conch shells decorate the city and the symbol can be seen everywhere from the city’s coat of arms to the figurehead of many ships. This has earned it the nickname of the Conch City.


Governance System: Monarchy with a Senate
Ruler: The King of Clar is a human named Ezekiel Fullnet IV and the senate consists of 1 representative for every so many citizens of the city. The population is divided into districts, and while these districts were once equal in population today they are more skewed. The current Senate has 6 members; Glarn Ubble of the Fishing District (Male, Fishman), Yawn Onion of the Merchant District (Male, Human), Osuil Trenton of the Ship District (Male, Human), Nadeenah Danjeen of the Temple District (Female, Elf), Brandy Wintersworn of the Noble District (Female, Human), and Ingust Deeproots of the Garden District (Male, Wood Elf). Large City

The Districts
The Bay Districts (lower)

  • The Fishing District
    Senator: Glarn Ubble (Male, Fishman)
    Most Popular Pub: The Moon Under Water
    Description: This district revolves around fishing and the sale of fish. Fish markets litter the streets and vendors selling nets and rods are popular as well. The majority of those who live in this district are either fishermen or those who sell fish, the neighborhoods here are filled with working class folks.
  • The Merchant District
    Senator: Yawn Onion (Male, Human)
    Most Popular Pub: The Blind Angel
    Description: This district is where all non-fish and non-ship related trade is done. Goods of all kinds are sold here and most of Clar’s craftsmen live and work in this area. There are also many restaurants in the area but few pubs. Despite being a nice looking district most who make a great deal of money do not live in this district and thus this district’s neighborhoods are a mixture of economic levels and everyone from noblemen no lowly labors live here.
  • The Ship District
    Senator: Osuil Trenton (Male, Human)
    Most Popular Pub: The Sword and Shield (located near the arena, and named to refer to it)
    Description: The oldest part of Clar, where the city began, it has now transformed into a district focused on ship construction. Though many of the ruins of the old city exist in this district, such as the fallen bathhouses and the old arena, the neighborhoods in this area are considered the slums. It is geographically one of the largest districts though its population remains consistent with the other districts. It is also where the modern arena is located.

The Cliff Districts (upper)

  • The Temple District
    Senator: Nadeenah Danjeen (Female, Elf)
    Most Popular Pub:The Crooked Chimney (a temple to Pekko, the chimney is said to have been made crooked by the god himself during a drunken stupor in Clar)
    Description: The Temple district is the religious center of Clar and many services from the various temples are offered here. This district is also the location of the primary entrance to the city’s catacombs. The neighborhoods that formed in this district primarily consisted of individuals who worked in these temples. Today there are few houses in this district and most of its residents live within their temples.
  • The Noble District
    Senator: Brandy Wintersworn (Female, Human)
    Most Popular Pub: The Conch Shell (named after Clar’s city symbol)
    Description: The noble district is the richest district in Clar and consists almost entirely of those of nobility in Clar. This district is also the bureaucratic center of the city and it is not only the location of the keep and the senate but also the location of the kings court.
  • The Garden District. While almost all who live in this district are nobles some low level bureaucrats and other government employees make their homes here.
    Senator: Ingust Deeproots (Male, Wood Elf)
    Most Popular Pub: The Pouring Fields
    Description: The garden district is both the smallest district in geographic size and population. It consists of the few gardens in Clar and is where most of Clar’s produce is grown. Most who live in this district work in the gardens but it is also a popular area for many of the city’s wealthy retired families to move because of its natural beauty.


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