Year ? Dwarf Reckoning (DR)

  • The Fishfolk Outpost of Blarbup is formed and Agartha is colonized by Fishfolk.

Year ? Dwarf Reckoning (DR)

  • The Fishfolk’s mighty empire is reduced to ruble all around Pythia. Most lore masters debate about the causes of this but it is generally agreed upon that it was a major cataclysmic event. After this event the Fishfolk Empire is refereed to as the Sunken Empire and ruins from the formal empire’s glory are left all over Pythia.

Year ? Dwarf Reckoning (DR)

  • After the destruction of the Fishfolk Empire, the Elekin, the second most dominate race in Agartha at the time, manage to push the remaining Fishfolk into their undersea city Blarbup.

Year ? Dwarf Reckoning (DR)

  • The Elekin expand to inhabit almost all of Agartha building massive cities, temples, and other structures. They become the predominant race of the region and develop a civilization that surpasses that of the Fishfolk.

Year ? Dwarf Reckoning (DR)

  • After an expanded period of dominance the Elekin are almost entirely wiped out by an unknown series of distastes. They leave behind their structures as ruins and only few of their race survive to present time.

Year 1 Dwarf Reckoning (DR)

Year 498 Dwarf Reckoning (DR)

Year 502 Dwarf Reckoning (DR)

Year 572 Dwarf Reckoning (DR)

  • Wood Elves mysteriously appear on the previously uninhabited Copse Isles and settle there, beginning the city of Muckross.

Year 600 Dwarf Reckoning (DR)

Year 645 Dwarf Reckoning (DR)

  • A dispute over royal succession in Clar leads to the banishment of several members of the royal family and their sympathizers. They hastily leave the city and sail to the Moorland. The site where they first landed becomes a small settlement and develops into modern day Killarney.

Year 1530 Dwarf Reckoning (DR)

  • A strange disease breaks out in Lasrok causing the city to quarantine itself to outside contact and communication.
  • Following Lasrok’s quarantine the Rownus family opens the sacred tunnels of Lasrok and allow orcs from outside Agartha to enter the region. These Orcs march toward the Moorland and begin a siege on Lasrok

Year 1531 Dwarf Reckoning (DR)

  • An outside orc manages to unite the orc tribes of the Moorland and launch a siege against Killarney.
  • Orcs kill or enslave the populace of Killarney and begin to shore up their defenses in the city and gather numbers in preparation for a wide scale invasion of other major cities.

Year 1532 Dwarf Reckoning (DR)

  • Several previously unknown heros from Clar break the orc siege of Lasrok.
  • The Heros of the Bridge overthrew Vogan Kurdial, elected leader of Malaca, uniting the capital cities of Agartha
  • The now united capitals of Agartha begin preparing for their assault on Killarney

Year 1533 Before Uniting (BU) or Dwarf Reckoning (DR)

Year 1534 Before Uniting (BU) or Dwarf Reckoning (DR)

Year 1 Post War (PW) 1534 (DR)

Year 2 Post War (PW) 1535 (DR)

Following The Great Uniting War the leaders of Agartha came together at the Killarney Summit and formed The Congress of Diplomats, its new seat being in Killarney. The Congress’ primary role was to ensure that another war like the one that brought together the organization would become unthinkable. They did this by agreeing to several treaties that brought the city states of Agartha closer together in several ways. This was done primarily through trade agreements that drastically lowered tariffs and other restrictions to inter-city state trade. But it was also done by implementing a radical new piece of legislation that outlawed magic. This new piece of legislation known as The Kensinki Act, named for General Kensinki the diplomat and ruler of the newly formed Republic of Killarney, is primarily enforced by The Bureau of Magical Regulation.


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