ZhangXe of the Four Winds

Guardian of Enyeto and The Temple of the Four Winds


Race: Sentinel
Sex: Unknown
Class: Swordsman/Guardian


Comes from The Temple of The Four Winds in the far southeast where the mountains meet the southern edge of the Sodrawtin Desert. The monks of this temple worshiped the four main Elekin gods. Long before time was kept the temple was raided and its inhabitants killed. The temple now stands in ruins as ages have come and gone.

In the year 1532DR a great storm gathered over The Temple. A bolt of lightning was thrown from the heavens and struck the statue of The Guardian of The Four Winds. ZhangXe was brought to life. He knew that he was to find and protect the young boy Enyeto. He met the young boy he was searching for in the city of Muckross the day that the explosions were heard across all of Agartha.

ZhangXe of the Four Winds

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