Name: Zapan (Zap-An)

Portfolio: God of air, lightning, weather, avians, ghosts, clouds, smoke, fog,

Description: Zapan is a ghostly like figure whose anatomy is made up of clouds, smoke and fog. For the most part he has no noticeable face, or other distinct features, but on occasion lighting erupts in his chest and causes his ghastly facial features to become visible. It is said that all other features of his psychical form, such as size, can change dramatically and with relative ease. Zapan most commonly fights using air and lightning but on occasion will use a bow or tepoztopilli. messengers(birds) Zapan, like the other Elekin gods, has a very simple religious symbol that consists of a fog grey or lighting yellow triangle pointing up and a line crossing the triangle near the point.

Dogma: Lightning is the embodiment of life’s energy; the clouds are the home of lightning and the winds are its means of travel. Air fills the lungs of all living creatures and escapes them when they die. Zapan teaches worshipers to be life lighting by being full of life and energy but to also be like the wind by being swift and playful. Zapan wants his worshipers to be wary of the neutrality of Radlum and his worshipers and instead he wants his worshipers to be active in all aspects of life from the mundane to the more interesting.


Clergy:clerics dress in sky-blue robes, wearing a single feather in their hair, and conduct worship services on open hilltops. white-trimmed robes.



Significant Holy Days:

Significant Relics: a magical short sword called tempestcutter, which renders its wielder invisible and immune to air attacks



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