Name: Yacha (Ya-Cha)
The Dweller on the Horizon, The Ancestral Mother, She Who Revels in Change and Embraces the Storm

Portfolio: Goddess of Halflings, family, community, change, air, storms, horizons, distance, travel, freedom, roads, portals, doors, locks, keys, trickery, illusion, change, cleverness, luck, gambling, and the art of thievery.

Description: Yacha is represented as a strong female Halfling with red hair, looking determined. Her favored weapon is a dagger that can cause storms and shoot lightning bolts. She most often communicates through storms and other weather patterns, using them to aid and guide her followers. More rarely she uses rats to communicate with her worshipers. Her holy symbol is a boot-print resting on a stylized cloud.

Dogma: Yacha is the vanguard of the Halfling way of life and above all else expects followers to respect Halflings and their culture, she also demands worshipers to help fellow travelers and Halflings. Name teaches that luck favors the bold and advises worshipers to take your fate into their own hands. She also wants worshipers to strike back against those who would rob them of their freedom and urge others to fight for their own liberty. Change is inevitable, but it takes the work of the faithful to ensure that change is for the better. Yacha insists that everyone travel in order to discover and learn new things but that family and community are to never be forgotten. She urges people to look to the horizon and the skies for inspiration. Her followers are expected to seek out danger and excitement wherever they can. Like their deity, they are wandering thrill-seekers, but they are told to avoid the temptations of greed; experience is the true treasure.

Worshipers: Almost all Halflings worship Yacha, as do many nomads, itinerants, sailors, travelers, adventurers, traveling merchants, locksmiths, illusionists, gamblers, and thieves.

Clergy: The Guardians of the Road are clerics of Yacha who give away all their belongings and take to traveling full-time. They travel to exotic lands, bless caravans, scout for armies, and record their experiences for others to learn from. They act as translators and diplomats, and help in the construction of roads, bridges, and hard-wearing shoes. They usually wear simple clothing of brown or faded green. Because the road is the best teacher, initiates are trained in the ways of Yacha by being taken on long trips. They are dismissed if they ask when the journey will be over, because to the faithful of Yacha, the journey never really ends.

Temples: Yacha’s has no formal temples, but instead her worshipers construct wayside shrines throughout the world. They have no uniform look but all of them feature her holy symbol and many have Teleportation Circles. These shrines are often where Yacha is worshiped. Rare temporary rest homes do exist, tended to by priests who have decided to stay in one place for a time. They give shelter, food, air, and advice, appreciating donations, though there is no set schedule of fees. They may give directions and help travelers find work.

Rituals: Yacha’s rituals are integrated with the major events of Halfling life, such as births, coming of age rites, weddings, and funerals. Prayers to Yacha are anecdotes intended to teach a lesson. Many of them involve a wise old Halfling and a foolish young Halfling, often crossing a river. Her rituals are short and to the point. Her services are usually held outdoors, preferably beneath a stormy sky, with the horizon in view.

Significant Holy Days:

  • Safeday: Halflings set aside one day a week for worship of Yacha, a day which is mostly spent in rest, playing, and eating.
  • Rouge’s Summit: An annual event where Yacha’s worshipers meet to engage in a day of revelry and worship.

Significant Relics:

  • The Boots of the Unending Journey: Black boots that leave no footprints, make no noise with their movements, and are extremely lucky. It is said that Yacha grants them once per century to a traveler she finds worthy.
  • The Shoes of Yacha: Thick-soled shoes that never wear out. Those who walk in them will never tire from ordinary walking, and are immune to being tripped, slipping, falling into a pit, or tiring from climbing hills.


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