The Sea Mother


Name: The Sea Mother
The Drowntress, The Forgotten Mother, She Who Dances with Lobsters

Portfolio: Goddess, of the Fishfolk, darkness, insanity, revenge, water, sea storms, lighting, the oceans, hurricanes, tidal waves, drowning, tradition, and marine life.

Description: The Sea Mother is often depicted as a female Fishfolk but only the Fishfolk know her true appearance, and her true name, and they believe that attempting to depict a god or goddess is a grave insult to the power of that being. Her favorite weapons are nets and barbed tridents, tools most commonly associated with the Fishfolk. Her favored messengers are typically lobsters, though she uses Fishfolk to run many of her errands and thus they often are uses as messengers as well. Her symbol is a black pearl resting on a shell.

Dogma: The Sea Mother’s dogma primarily focuses on restoring the Fishfolk to being the most dominate race in all of Pythia. She also seeks to spread the word that she was the wife of the Forgotten Father and that he did not vomit things into creation but instead all of creation came from her womb, that she is the mother and he is the father to all. Beyond that she also claims to have created the Fishfolk to run Pythia and that all other races are decedents of them. While no one is certain if what the Sea Mother claims is true most everyone does not believe her. Thus she demands her worshipers spread her word, aid in the rise of the Fishfolk, and seek to release the the Forgotten Father from his imprisonment so that she may rein as queen and him as king.

Worshipers: The Sea Mother is almost exclusively worshiped by Fishfolk, though others are known to worship her too. These other worshipers are often sailors, fishermen, and other sentient beings of the sea.

Clergy: There are few clergy to the Sea Mother because individuals must be born into the priesthood. They are often more fanatical than priests of other faiths. They rarely leave their temples and do not tolerate priests of any other religion, because they view other gods and goddess to be the Sea Mother’s children. In Fishfolk society her priests wear complicated garb that is deeply rooted in tradition and most often involves a headdress made of coral and covered in black pearls. They aid in the running and ruling of Fishfolk society and facilitate the Sea Mother’s great gift to their cities.

Temples: The Sea Mother has almost no temples that remain above land but remnants of them can be found in old Fishfolk ruins. Underwater, both fresh and salt, thousands of small shrines dot the landscape and it is rare to travel far in these areas without running into many shrines. Massive temples to the Sea Mother dot the landscapes of Fishfolk cities and are often constantly lit by the Sea Mother’s great gift. They are triangular in shape and normally consist of only one room. These temples are what allow the lighting orbs to light up and do many other unexplained things.

Rituals: Rituals include drowning nonbelievers to send their souls to the Sea Mother and complicated dances and chants that are deeply rooted in Fishfolk tradition. There are thousands of rituals to the Sea Mother but most are unknown no non-Fishfolk.

Significant Holy Days:

  • Beginning Night: New moon nights are the Sea Mother’s holy days, because they represent a time before the moon and other life existed. These nights are celebrated with massive feasts and religious services in Fishfolk cities.

Significant Relics:

  • Lighting Orbs: Fist sized orbs that hum with the sounds of lighting and emit bright light. Outside of Fishfolk society little is known about these orbs, but it is known that they have many mysterious powers and are able to remain lit even underwater.
  • The Sea Mother’s Pearl Necklace: A necklace with 40 black pearls, that supposedly once was given to the Sea Mother by the Forgotten Father. It is said that the wearer of the necklace can transform into any sea creature.

The Sea Mother

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