Outcast Sigil Monk


Sacrifice was an only child in a clan of monks where only multiple children were birthed. Being a child of wealth and prophecy he was held to a high standard of life and was burdened by the stresses of becoming the savior of his people. The monks of this village have been passed down sigils from their ancestors to carve in to their skin to obtain nirvana. Through the use of these sigils the monks are able to perform feats not natural to normal humans.

One morning the triplets of the High Oracle of the village emerged from Sacrifice’s tent stumbling and disheveled. His father was furious with him, but also a little proud. Nevertheless he had no choice but to disown his son and banish him from his home. Furious, Sacrifice broke in to the holy temple where the Sigils of Power were held. He scanned the room until the mass of monks that were pursuing him caught up to him and were able to subdue him. For this blasphemous act his father, the chief of the village, banished Sacrifice from the village and told him not to come back until his goals were realized.


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