Roland Dane

Fallen Holy Knight of Killarney.


Human Dark Knight

Lvl: 0 Hp: 39

Exp: 25 Mp: 27

Str: 10 Wis: 6

End: 9 Wil: 8

Agi: 5 Cha: 5

Spd: 7 Luc: 3

Max FP: 14

Base Movement: 4
Jumping Distance: 1
Death Saving Throws: 2
Reaction Time: 3
Forgiveness Points: 0


Darkside: expend HP to bolster attack, max of 10 HP

Vorpal Slash: physical attack extended three squares, 4 MP

Stab: Run enemy through, D6 1-3 +1 determines amount of turns with bleed effect, 4-6 equal miss, normal damage on hit.

Photographic Memory: perfect image recall (i.e. settings, documents, pictures,etc.)

GB Flow State: In a moment of perfect focus perceives reality as slow motion. Costs 3 Favor Points.


Iron Stomach
Fist Fighter
Gained Lore Rolls
Weight Lifter
Non Addict
Natural Defense
Gain Magical Defense
*Battle Tactics- Education in modern warfare tactics


Comes from a family line charged with the King’s protection and enforcing Killarney’s capital punishment. A title known as “Sword of the Morning” is passed from father to son. During the sack of Killarney Roland’s father Arthur, the Sword of the Morning, was slain in defense of his wife and daughter. Roland arrived just as orc steel ripped through his sister’s belly, surely killing the unborn child as well as the would be mother. Possessed by perfect rage he tore through 7 vicious Orcs. The eighth he came upon drove a spiked mace hard to the young knight’s side, knocking him out a window, and ejecting him from the horror of his childhood home. The crash landing knocked Roland unconscious.

Roland awoke to a smoke filled sky, viewed through torn canvas. He had landed in a passing trade wagon being driven only by the fear of the attached horses. Bleeding heavily and losing strength, Roland decided not to die. By resolve alone his wounds began to heal. As the half crazed steeds carried him further from all he had ever known an idea began to form. The Danes had been holy warriors in Canopsu’s name for time untold, but after the death of his family, loss of his home, and ignominious defeat, Roland discarded his god and title. If the god’s will called for such atrocity then they could not be loved. If they could not prevent these things then they were to impotent to be worshiped. The only way to be certain of a better world was to make it. The only way to make it was with one’s own hands, with one’s own power. From that day forward Roland searched for that power. Since that day he has sought to become the strength that will change his life and world forever.

Roland Dane

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