Name: Radlum (Rad-Lum)

Portfolio: God of earth, stone, martial arts,

Description: Radlum is a massive stoney figure with human like features. The type of stone he is made of is said to change depending on the rocks in the area he is in. He never travels very quickly and moss and other plants grow in the cracks of the his stoney flesh. Green and brown lines of energy glow from circles on his body and from his eyes and at time the cracks in his flesh are geologically active. His favorite weapon is earth but, despite his appearance and traveling speed, Radlum is very quick and favors martial arts. messengers Radlum, like the other Elekin gods, has a very simple religious symbol that consists of a earth brown or green triangle pointing down and a line crossing the triangle near the point.

Dogma: Earth is the birthplace and cradle for all life and when anything dies it returns to the very soil from which it came. Radlum teaches that the heart and soul of all living things is the substance of the earth. His faithful believe that just as the earth is the giver of all life, so it ultimately receives all of life into its embrace. All things are made of earth and it is the mother to all existence. Radlum teaches worshipers to be like the earth by being stoic and unphased by the unimportant events of everyday existence. Radlum wants worshipers to be wary of Zapan and his worshipers because of their obsession over mundane things and events in life that distract them from the monumentally important things in life.


Clergy: These clerics wear amulets set with precious metals and gemstones and wear robes trimmed in yellow.

Temples: temples are always buried beneath the earth. subterranean temples, which are several caverns excavated from the earth and linked with twisty tunnels

Rituals: A widely observed funerary ritual known as the Earthen Embrace involves the dead being slathered with a specially prepared mud by Radlum’s clerics and left to harden for three days until it becomes like stone.

Significant Holy Days:

Significant Relics:



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