Gladius Oberro


Oberro is a sort of folk hero to many in Agartha, especially for halflings. While he is known for many feats, and myth surrounds his name, he is perhaps most famously known for being the only mortal to cross the Sea of Oberro. There are several relics associated with Oberro and his legendary travels, including the four stones of Oberro and the Oberro’s Spear.

The Four Stones of Oberro

These four stones were said to be formed by Oberro during different parts of his travels but have since been lost. Only myths and legends claim where they are located.

  • Oberro’s Pyre
    This stone is said to have been formed in the ashes of Gladius Oberro’s funeral pyre. After his body had been burning for several hours his ashes were gathered. Amongst his ashes a large red ruby was found. It is believed that this ruby formed when his first drop of blood was licked by the flames. Supposedly this drop of blood solidified into a stone and was hidden in the depths of a volcano in the Deeproot Mountains.
  • Oberro’s Plunge
    This stone is said to have been formed when Oberro almost drown durring his crossing of the Sea of Storms. After he pulled himself back on deck he began to cough up the water that had filled his lungs. The first drop of water to pass his lips and hit the deck formed into a large blue sapphire. It is said to be hidden in the depths of a sea cave on the edge of the Sea of Oberro.
  • Oberro’s Petrify
    This stone is said to have been formed when Oberro was lost in an intense sand storm in the the Sodrawtin Desert. The sand whipped around him and caused him to lose sight in his left eye. The first grain of sand to scrape across his cornea transformed into a large piece of tiger’s eye. This stone is said to be hidden in a cliff cave on the outskirts of the the Sodrawtin Desert.
  • Oberro’s Power
    This stone is said to have been formed when Oberro was stuck by a blot of lighting cast down on him by a fishfolk shaman. The first hair to be hit by the lightning spontaneously formed into a large chunk of golden topaz and Oberro was unharmed by the shaman’s magic. It is said to be hidden in a strange cave near Blarbup.

Oberro’s Spear

This is said to have been the weapon the Oberro wielded throughout his travels. It is described as being sentient and said to have many other powers too. No one is sure where it was laid to rest.


Gladius Oberro

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