Name: Moruba (More-Oo-Ba)

Portfolio: God of water, frost, cold, ice, travel by water, lakes, rivers, wells, streams, oceans, seas, change,

Description: Moruba is known to be change forms frequently from a hardened ice giant to a watery humanoid with glowing green or blue eyes. As the giant he often forms bulky armor around himself that fogs over with a frosty veil. In his more fluid form he is often depicted with a large muscular body that shimmers with light. In either form, and no matter his mood, he is always depicted as smiling. His favored weapons are ice and water but he is also known to frequently use a trident and net combination. messengers Moruba, like the other Elekin gods, has a very simple religious symbol that consists of a dark blue or frost white triangle pointing down.

Dogma: Water nourishes and shapes all life in Pythia, it carves the mountains and replenishes the oaks. Water does this with an immense patients and determination that surpasses all other things. Moruba teaches worshipers to be like water, by being determined and patient and above to nourish life so that all creatures thrive and all plants grow. Followers must respect the waters they travel upon and must teach others to do the same. Moruba wants his worshipers to be wary of Barbatos and his worshipers because of their praise of destruction and because Moruba teaches that lasting change comes slowly and patiently not through rash actions. Moruba demands that worshipers protect water supplies from pollutants, poisons, and disease.


Clergy: Moruba’s clerics, those who wear clothes, wear robes with blue trim or shell mail. Many carry around small jugs of holy waters for the purpose of special ceremonies and blessings. They often act as guardians of valuable water supplies.

Temples: Because of Moruba’s different forms and worshipers his temples take on many different forms from deep undersea coral temples to frost keeps tucked away in high mountains.


Significant Holy Days:

Significant Relics:



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