Name: Karhu (CAR-who)
The Bear Goddess, The Bear Matron, Mother of Ursus

Portfolio: Goddess of bears, berserkers, woodsmen, trappers, matrons, freshwater-fishing, parenting, hibernation, and protection.

Description: A giant, celestial, brown bear. Her holy symbol is either a stylized bear’s claw, or simply a bear or a bear’s head.

Dogma: Followers of Karhu believe in living a simple life of self-sufficiency. A good life is one of quiet strength, focusing on the family and living off the land. Followers of Karhu train themselves in many forms of self-defense; they never start fights, but they always finish them. The slaying of bears is strictly forbidden. A very decentralized religion, these are the only tenants that all followers adhere to, but there are many that only some follow.

Worshipers: Followers of Karhu are usually woodsmen, pioneers, and warriors of the wilderness. However, the Cult of Ursus draws on a more vast demographic.

Clergy: No clergy exists outside the Cult of Ursus, some druids and shaman devote themselves to Karhu.

Temples: No temples or places of worship exist. Forests and woodland streams are considered to be holy places.

Rituals: No real rituals exist, but thanks are usually given to Karhu before eating and after fishing.

Significant Holy Days: The only holy day of Karhu is the winter solstice, when it is traditional to sleep and eat as much as possible in an attempt to emulate bears.

Significant Relics: None



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