A devilish rogue of half demon half elf origin.


Race: Demon/Elf
Sex: Male
Class: Rouge
Chosen Path:Soul Reaver
Epic Destiny:
HP: 54
MP: 41
Str: 12
Dex: 25
Wis: 12
Con: 6
Cha: 8
Lck: 11
Weapon Proficiency
Short Swords, Projectiles

Common, Demonic

Silver Tongue:+5 to d20 conversation rolls. Born Skill.

Master of Acrobatics. Born Skill

Creative Combat: +5 to d20 rolls for elaborate combat acts.

Steal: Allows for theft in and out of combat.

Advanced Sneak: Trained in stealth and evasion. +5 to stealth rolls.

Fireball: Fire damage of half wisdom, 6 squares, 4 MP.

Merciless Speed: Attack bonus of +1 for every 5 points in Dex.

Spirit Slash: Directly strike an opponents lifeforce, 6 mp, once per battle.

Vanish: Disappear for 3 turns, 1st turn immobile, 2nd non-combat, 3rd turn unrestricted. Vanish ends after attacking enemy. RP once a day.

Teleport: Travel through hell dimension to move through space. D20 determines. 1=epic fail conflict, 2= scatterdie, 3= fail. MP cost 3

Supernatural Slaying: Any attack D6 on 6 instant kill ghost,devil,angel, demon, etc. type of creature.

Shadow Shield: Highest stat divided by 4 is added to magic defense.

STFU: Quick slash that disrupts opponent’s magical energies. Target silenced for d4+1 turns. Contact distance.

I Hate Wizards: vs. magic users extra d6 of damage.

Lock Picking
Dual Wield Small Swords
Fast Footed
Dual Wield Projectiles
Use Shield
Magic Dodge
Light Step- don’t set off traps


A traveler who has taken root in Agartha using the nom de guerre Hero, his real name is known to few.
Youngest son of Kain, a tyranical demon lord. Has 3 elder brothers. His mother was said to abandon him to his father’s discretion. Spent early years in demonic realm being a rebellious rascal, constantly dodging his father’s ire. Escaped his hellish home in favor of the wonders of an open road that has led him to his place in Agartha.
A worshipper of Yacha, and above that freedom, Hero despises slavery as well as any magics that circumvent free will. Currently engaged to Bree Oberro

Hero of the Bridge


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