Name: Anira (Ah-Near-Ah)
The Sublime Creator, The Springmadien, The Winsome Rose

Portfolio: Goddess of Elves, music, the arts, crafts, poetry, skill, creativity, artisanship, zeal, beauty, passion, love, lust, fertility, spring, dexterity and speed.

Description: Anira appears as a beautiful Elf woman. Her favorite weapon is a set of Elven twin blades that have flutes in their handles; their music can charm almost anyone. She uses no messengers and instead frequently sends omens in the form of automatic speech and speaking in tongues during song, sudden artistic inspiration, or automatic drawing and sculpting. Her symbol is an artistically decorated bowl.

Dogma: Anira desires to protect and preserve the Elven race, return to her people their lost artistic heritage, and to thwart the schemes of the Dark Elves and the Orcs. Anira advises her faithful to guard against stagnation as well, continually seeking out new experiences. They seek to bring out beauty through art, craft, and passion. She blesses those who aid others and she encourages all to be passionate and creative. Anira gladly cooperates with all who respect the arts, beauty, and aesthetics and opposes those that would destroy these things or hide them from others. Anira teaches that arts and crafts are an important avenue for exploring peacefulness. Life is worth living because of the beauty found in the world and the love that draws twin hearts together. Anira believes that followers should find love wherever it takes root, and bring it to its fullest bloom so that all may share in it joy and beauty it creates. Beauty is more than skin deep. It issues from the core of one’s being and reveals one’s true face to the world, fair or foul. Encourage beauty wherever you find it. Acquire beautiful items of all sorts, and encourage, sponsor, and protect those who create them. Anira teaches that the art and love are the lynchpins of civilization.

Worshipers: Elves and Half-Elves worship Anira, as well as many different kinds of artists, lovers, those seeking love, those seeking to have children, and those who need dexterity and speed in their trade.

Clergy: Anira’s clerics wear silver circlets and robes of the brightest azure. These clerics are most frequently artisans, politicians, or elders within Elven communities; they seek to push their communities to follow Anira’s will and to be passionate in everything they do. The highest order of clerics is called The Fellowship of the Forgotten and it is dedicated to the recovery of lost Elven relics, artwork, and other things holy to Anira.

Temples: In large Elven cities temples tend to be alabaster wonders with intricate woodwork and decorations. In smaller communities, they are often more modest structures but still involved complex decorations with stained glass and carvings.

Rituals: Her rituals are integrated with the major events of Elven life, such as births, coming of age rites, weddings, and funerals. Rituals are also often used by different worshipers to receive inspiration for works of art or to woo a potential lover. Most rituals involve the reciting of songs or creation of art dedicated to the Goddess. The ritual sharing of food is an important rite in Anira’s faith. Decorated bowls are passed from person to person, symbolizing the sharing of life itself.

Holy Texts and Sayings:

Significant Holy Days:

  • Springrite: The spring equinox represents a time of fertility and is the most holy of Anira’s holy days. Elves spend the week around the equinox dancing and singing, involved in nothing but merriment. This is the time of year when most couples bond in marriage, announce that they are engaged, or proclaim their love to all assembled. Elves also celebrate their heritage, rituals are performed, decorated bowls filled with rich food are passed around, and other acts are performed to invite Anira’s favor.

Significant Relics:

  • The Everchange Instrument: A magical instrument that can change into any instrument the wielder is aware of, it can also charm those who hear its music.


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