Name: Andossis (Ann-Dough-Sis)
The Author of Wickedness, She Who Never Sleeps, The Bride of Sin

Portfolio: Goddess of hate, malice, envy, panic, fear, cannibalism, slaughter, massacres, blood, war, conflict, chaos, destruction, discord, famine, drought, disasters, demons, and the dark element.

Description: Andossis is a raceless, beautiful, women with pale, angular features, blood-black eyes, and a mane of black hair. Andossis is cold and utterly emotionless. She requires a continuous stream of death to maintain her beauty and perfection; if she goes without death for too long, she becomes gaunt and skeletal. Her favored weapon is a two handed macuahuitl, that causes wounds that eternally bleed. She communicates to worshipers through disasters, demons, and devils. Her holy symbol is a black diamond dripping in blood.

Dogma: Andossis is unforgiving and believes that the very threads of existence must be torn asunder, then burned, then the ashes scattered, until all is nothing and no one exists to remember existence. She teaches that the only unity that can be found is in the chaos of battle. In all the myriad forms of terror and suffering that war and disaster creates, there is a strange kind of peace. Chaos is the only natural state of being and her worshipers are to bring this about. She teaches worshipers to spill blood in her name because it feeds her, not only increasing her malice and bloodlust but also her beauty. For her all slaughter and destruction is a sacrament, and that the dying screams of innocents are music to Andossis’ ears.

Worshipers: In civilized lands, Andossis’ followers include warriors, barbarians and rogues who form small, criminal cults. In cities, they tend to be less overt, forming nebulous organizations. Other worshipers include executioners, raiders, marauders, cannibals, demons, devils, the hateful and the fearful.

Clergy: The preachings of many of her clerics are built upon fear. They explain that without devotion and sacrifice a terrible fate will fall on their communities. Other priests are more interested in her direct dogma and work to undermine other faiths and spread her will. These clerics are savage and depraved. They despise civilization and revel in acts of destruction. They dress in black or white streaked with stains of rust and blood. Some adorn their robes with bones and black dimaonds. In civilized areas they may foment rebellion and unrest, while in the wild they may lead groups of bandits. Andossis’ clerics get most of their training in large wilderness temple-fortresses. Senior clerics try to frighten would-be initiates into quitting; those who avoid flinching after many tests are accepted into the priesthood.

Temples: In the wild, temples of Andossis are fortresses built around places of natural power, such as secluded glens, rocky outcroppings, and deep pits, filled with gnawed bones and the corpses of sacrificial victims and fallen enemies. In towns and cities they tend to be hidden. Most towns and cities have at least one small, secret cults dedicated to Andossis. Any place where carnage, slaughter, or disaster has occurred is considered holy.

Rituals: Andossis’ rituals are simple and generally revolve around following her dogma. These things include raiding, slaughter, cannibalism, destruction, and spreading fear. Particular ceremonies involve the consumption of blood and mass sacrifices to name.

Holy Texts and Sayings:

Significant Holy Days:

  • The Blooding: During this week worshipers exhibit their devotion by sacrificing thousands, to feed their god’s strength and beauty. Worshipers also cut themselves, offering their own blood to Andossis; and her most devote clerics are expected to destroy the temple of another faith’s and sacrifice their clergy.
  • The Wedding of Sin: This holiday is celebrated on the anniversary of the Bride and Groom of Sin. It is celebrated by a massive debaucherous party where worshipers of both faiths join to forget their differences and seek to harm those who belong to other faiths.

Significant Relics:

  • The Executioner’s Hood: A hood that causes the lower half of its wearer’s body to turn into dark energy allowing the person to hover, it also allows its wearer to cause those they look at fear or panic.


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